Sergio Conti is a fourth generation Roman bread maker. His family’s bakery in Trastevere, Panetteria Romana e Spaccio di Paste on via della Lungaretta, has been a neighborhood staple since it opened more than 100 years ago.

Forno Conti & Co. represents both his departure from and the continuation of the traditions that have moulded his career until this point. His new kitchen is a symbol of a new freedom to experiment, innovate, and liberate his creativity for leavened breads, pizzas, cakes and pastries.

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The Space

Minimal. Calm. Void & Fixture.

The space was designed by the architects of dispensabile, Rome’s hub for rational and nordic design. Their design translates the 19th century architecture into a sparse palette for Sergio’s bread, pizza, and pastries, to accompany ordinary moments of reflection and quality time spent alone or with friends.

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